Patch 6.22 and Pre-season 7 updates



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Patch 6.22 table of contents:  

Assassin Updates:

Assassin Champion updates:

Ward Updates:

What is happening with invisibility? Who is getting a buff and who is getting a nerf?

The changes League of Legends is making with regards to stealth seem to favor a select few champions and not all stealthy ones. Let’s first take a closer look at what the implications are. There are two types of stealth now in the game: Camouflage stealth, which is the type of stealth that allows a champion to roam unseen for extended periods of times, such as Evelynn’s Shadow Walk and Twitch’s Q. The second type of stealth is referred to as “Invisibility” This type of stealth is the type which lasts only a few seconds such as Wukong’s -W- Decoy, Invisibility stealth can NOT be revealed unless a champion is within the turrets vision range.

What is Shimmer?

Shimmer is a new aspect in the game, regardless of the type of stealth a champion is in (invisibility or camouflage) if they become damaged by a skill shot or AOE attack, air around them shimmers, which reveals their location. However, this effect does NOT cancel their stealth nor does it render them targetable by enemies.

All in all, this aspect seems to benefit champions such as Vayne and Wukong while.

While the changes may seem drastic and unfair, this is what the pre-season is designed to do. Monitor radical changes while they prepare for season 7. It is what makes league of legends dynamic and fluid. The constant change in the meta and core of the game as well as continuous modification of the champions.

Assassin and Stealth Champion updates and changes:

This champion had a major upgrade. Riot decided to enable make Talon the ultimate ganking and assassin by giving him a new ability. Enter: Assassin’s Path. Assassin’s Path is the ultimate tool for intercepting as well as escaping, this ability replaces his old E which silenced a champion and teleported Talon behind the targeted enemy, the new ability has a 2 second cooldown on the ability itself while the terrain it affects has various cooldowns starting at 160 seconds and when the ability is at it’s highest point, it is a 60 second cooldown. This ability allows talon to “vault” over any structure or terrain, an example would be the dragon and baron pits. To better understand this ability as well as for other changes please watch the above video.

Unlike Talon, who was given much more leeway in this update, Katarina can no longer ward-shunpo as a means of escape or gap closing. This makes Katarina more difficult to play and easier to kill. In addition, Katarina’s Shunpo had some stats adjustments, such as less damage, more range, and lower cooldowns at low levels compared to before. Her Shunpo also scales now with AD as well as AP, making the transition seem to favor a hybrid version of Katarina, much like how some players may play Akali and Kayle. For additional information watch the above video.

It appears Riot is moving LeBlanc into becoming a more challenging champion to play than she already is. The first change to her abilities is replacing the passive of her Q to being her regular passive. This means that any ability LeBlanc’s ability marks the target, and causing the next ability she uses to detonate the mark leading to damage. Q Is now referred to as Shatter Orb, no longer applies a mark (obviously as this is done by her passive now) and has nicer AP scalling as well as lower mana costs. In addition, if she uses her Q to trigger her passive, the Q does damage to the nearest target(similar to missfortune’s Q except it goes to the nearest target.) W has a 0.25-second delay when recast instead of it being instantaneous. E no longer slows down a target. R has a lot of changes. First, it leads to her old passive (upon casting the skill, she creates a clone of herself then briefly becomes invisible) unlike Shaco, only the real LeBlanc can deal damage, if she uses her Ultimate to empower itself it leads to a copy of LeBlanc going to a target location (anywhere on the map) and casting the last used ability on the nearest enemy champion *that is visible* which is fake and then disappearing. In addition, she can mimic any of her spells, not the last used one. To see in details all the changes and updates to LeBlanc watch the video above.

League announces they are looking to shift Rengars play style from being a champion which focuses on assassinating one target then dying into one which will have more survivability after an attack while the enemy will be more aware of whom he is targeting. This is a double-edged sword as it both benefits and harms Rengar. The benefit being that now Rengar will have more survivability and can help more in team fights, while the negative being it will be much more difficult assassinating a target as the enemy team will have more time to react. In doing this it seems Riot is choosing to move Rengar into more of a bruiser style champion rather than an assassin. Rengars passive now grants him bonus movement speed when he uses an empowered cast. Rengar also now gains increased attack damage whenever a champion he attacked is killed (these don’t stack with killing the same champions, but rather the champions have to be different to go from the first to second bonus, etc.) His W – Battle Roar-  no longer grants armor and magic resist, instead he becomes healed for half the damage he took, while casting the ability when he is charged up removes CC (crowd control) and makes him immune to CC as well for 1.5 seconds. His next ability, Bola Strike (which seems like a pun on Ebola, as the ability is cast using E) no longer decays, while the scales have been adjusted and the slow reduced. Rengar’s Ultimate, Thrill of the Hunt, lets him become camouflaged while it is active, he gains speed and vision of the nearest champion.  His next attack after he leaps is a guaranteed critical strike (can lead to interesting builds that focus on attack damage + infinity edge for maximum assassination.) Attacking or using an ability ends his ultimate. The ultimate no longer grants bonus movement speed or ferocity after stealth.

For Fizz, Kha’zix, Akali, Zed, Ekko, and Shaco we will briefly summarize the changes Riot made.


Aside from some minor adjustments and fixes to his Q (Urchin Strike) and E (Playful/Trickster) the main focus of the update was on his W (Seastone Trident) and ultimate (Chum of the Waters.) For his W, the empowerment feature has been removed, while a series of new features are added. First, when active, the ability resets his basic attack timer (meaning he can attack twice almost instantly.) The passive feature of his W is to make his enemies bleed when he uses a basic attack on them,  his next attack is empowered and deals magic damage, which is even more empowered if the target has been under the effect for more than 2 seconds. A big change has been made to his ultimate which parallels that of Jinx’s ultimate. Both the AP scaling as well as the flat damage of his ultimate vary in an incremental order based on the distance between him and the target. This means the longer the fish travels before attaching to a target, the more damage Fizz deals.


It seems Riot is moving to equip Kha’Zix with more one on one rewards for the champion, making him a more assassin type. The first changes we see is to the passive, which now scales with attack damage rather than ability power (this makes a lot of sense as there’s no reason for it to scale with AP.) Next is his Q- Taste Their Fear, the ability is getting a revamp, the cool down is increasing by one second while the evolution of the ability leads to the refunding of 60% of its cooldown rather than a bonus amount of damage, this passive only applies if the target is isolated. W no longer slows targets when it isn’t evolved, however, evolving this ability leads to a 40% slow while if the target is isolated, the slow goes up to 80%. The last change we see is to his Ultimate, Void Assault,  the invisibility duration is increased by 25% (0.25 seconds.) The evolved version of his ultimate only increases the duration of invisibility while in a brush.


Akali has always been a frustrating champion to play with or against, in my experience, it is either a god-like person playing the champion and carrying the team or someone who has no idea how to play. Let’s take a closer look at what the team at Riot are doing to tweak Akali. First up is her passive, Twin Disciplines, From now on her first two attacks have bonus effects. The first of which lets her heal based on her basic attack and the second deals bonus damage, the cool downs vary based on level as well as the flat bonus. Her Q will remain as it was, unchanged, while her W, Twilight Shroud, has been revamped. First, the ability lets Akali teleport to the location she casts at and places the shroud where she was before teleportation. Once cast, all her other abilities have  a 0.5-second cooldown before she can uses them, She also gains full bonus movement speed until leaving the shroud area. Next is her E-Crescent slash, some adjustments have been made so that the ability does more damage and now if this ability kills a unit then 60% of the cooldown is refunded. Finally, her ultimate, Shadow Dance, has been nerfed both in terms of cooldown, scaling ratio, and flat out damage.


The last champion we will be covering in this summary is Shaco, the remaining champions had minor tweaks that can be easily found on the league of legends patch note website. The patch announces the goal to change Shaco’s extreme polar ends in terms of dominating or failing early in the game to a more well-rounded champion that can recover or not snowball as hard based on his early achievements or lack thereof. The first adjustment is to his passive, Backstab, The cooldown is 3 seconds on this ability (which lets Shaco guarantee a critical strike when attacking a target from behind, followed by a cool down in which the passive can’t occur on the same champion.) The critical damage is now adjusted based on level, with a flat 200% critical damage against monsters. Mana cost for his Q is now a flat 60 mana at all ranks, cool down has also been reduced. The Stealth duration has been adjusted so that it scales based on the rank of the ability. Q no longer deals critical damage, instead, deals bonus damage that scales with AP and can critical strike. Dealing damage with Deceiver lowers its cooldown by 2.5 seconds and Shaco is also able to place his boxes while stealth (briefly reveals him but he remains untargettable.) The Jack in the Box skill (w) instantly die against turrets and only deal 50% damage against turrets. His E, Two-shiv poison, deals less damage, but scales with both AD and AP, and also deals an amount of damage (early on) that is equivalent to a percent of the targets missing health. His ultimate, Hallucinate, deals less damage to turrets, takes more damage from turrets, can attack wards, creates multiple Jack in the boxes upon death which activate and get damaged together.

Vision Wards, Control Wards, and their reWARDS.

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening in the world of wards this patch. Patch 6.22 brings a radical change for the vision game. First, vision wards are no longer a thing. Next, A new type of ward is introduced, Control Ward, are used to reveal camouflage abilities (discussed in the beginning) but not invisibility! These wards also disable nearby enemy wards, the cost is 75 gold. One thing to note is that while nearby wards may be disabled, when being attacked they reveal the attacker. Only one control ward may be placed per player and can have up to 3 wards in the inventory.

This concludes our summary of Patch 6.22!