WWhen you buy your lol account, you want to ensure the quality of the account as well as the price. At Sneaky Smurfs you may buy level 30 league of legends accounts at the lowest cost and the highest value. All of our smurf accounts come with a Warranty (Click here)which guarantees the safety of the account. We also show all of the champions and skins that come on each account, as well as the amount of Influence Points (IP), amount of Riot Points (RP), number of rune pages, and more!
Once you find a package you like, proceed with the purchase. The account will go to the e-mail you used to pay for it instantly! You don’t need to confirm anything with us, once the payment is complete the information is sent (with the exception of high end packages *generally $100+*.)
We have a 24 hour 7 days a week INSTANT delivery system. After you have paid for your account, the account details will be sent to your email address that you used to check out with. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder as it may end up there too!
All our payments are handled securely via PayPal. However, you do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase an account from us. You can simply check out as a ‘guest’ using a debit/credit card. Unfortunately we do not accept PaysafeCard/Skrill/Bitcoin at this time.
The currency does not matter as when you check out with PayPal, it will automatically convert your countries currency to our currency. For example, if you live in Europe and are paying for an account in U.S Dollars, PayPal will automatically convert your Euros to Dollars.
We sell hand-levelled accounts which are 100% safe. This is because they are hand-levelled and have never used 3rd party software (known as bots) to level them, so rest assured you will be safe. We do also sell botted accounts with X amount of IP on them, for example our EUW 40k IP accounts are accounts we have botted. We take every precaution for them not to be banned but unfortunately some of these accounts do get banned. If you have been banned then contact our support. Click here to see our warranty.
ABSOLUTELY NOT! As a matter of fact, all of our accounts we sell have unverified email addresses, this means that once you register your own email address, you will become the first and only owner of the account and we will no longer be able to recover the account at all!
We currently sell accounts on the following servers: EUW, NA and PBE If we are out of stock or do not sell accounts for your server, you can simply transfer the server for a cost of 2600 RP.
You can contact us through a number of ways:
  • You can submit a support ticket at our helpdesk
  • Contact us through our live chat.
  • If we are not available then please email helpdesk@sneakysmurfs.com
We aim to respond to all messages within 0-48 hours! (Usually quicker)
All of our LoL accounts listed have the skins and champions they come with. Please browse our entire selection and pick the option with the champions you want.
Please check your junk/spam folder as it is possible the email has been sent there. If not, do not worry – Contact us via our live chat system for a quick resolution and we will be able to get you on to the Rift in no time.
Yes, please select your region and find a package with a rare League of Legends skin on it.
If you didn’t find an account with the champions and skins you want please check again, we update our store at least once a week! Also Click here to contact us if you’re looking for something specific, and we will be sure to let you know once something shows up.

Didn't find an answer for your question? No problem! Just send us a message!