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What Are LoL Accounts?

LoL Accounts (League of Legends Accounts) are accounts that have been premade for people to bypass the leveling processes and jump into the ranked action. People buy league of legends accounts for various reasons, some of those include having limited time to make another league account, being banned and needing to play, or just wanting to mess around and try new things without affecting the main account.

Why Choose SneakySmurfs for your next League of Legends Account?

While we know that there are websites that sell lol accounts, SneakySmurfs is the top place to buy a lol account for several reasons. Below is a list of reasons as to why you should choose SneakySmurfs for your next Account.

Trusted Seller

SneakySmurfs has been selling League of Legends Accounts for more than 3 years now. We are the leading in terms of quality and selection when it comes to buying league of legends accounts.

Unique Features

We are always looking for new ways to improve our website, and that’s why we go the extra mile to provide our customers the best league of legends account shopping experience. We have a suite of unique features to us to help any customer Find what they are looking for. Some of these include: Searching for Rare Skins, Finding Fresh MMR Accounts, and an advanced champion search filter which finds the cheapest lol account that either has the champions you want or enough BE to purchase any missing champions!

Large Selection

We know that buying a league account can require very specific demands. Along with the filters, we supplement our lol shop with hundreds of accounts for each region. This way, we make sure that all our customers will find EXACTLY what they are looking for.

Instant Delivery

Since we know the worse part of shopping online is having to wait for a delivery, we have constructed an automated system for account delivery. Once you buy a League of Legends Account from us, you will receive an e-mail to the Payment e-mail you used with the account login information along with instructions on what to do next to secure your account!

Around-the-clock Support

Customers always come first at SneakySmurfs, that’s why we always ensure to respond to any inquiries as fast as possible. We also encourage you to read our FAQ for any questions, chances are the answer to your question is already there!

Cheapest Prices

We know that a big factor when buying a league of legends account is how much it costs, that’s why we are always trying our best to offer the cheapest prices for our accounts. We are confident that you will not find a better deal than at SneakySmurfs!

Top Rated

SneakySmurfs has been providing quality service for years now. We take pride in the products we sell, and we back up our services by the countless reviews we have amassed over the years. Read what our customers have to say before buying your league account, and feel reassured in your purchase.

Account Safety

We know that there’s a risk involved whenever a customer wants to purchase a lol account. Therefore, we make sure to only sell bot-free accounts. This means that all of our accounts are hand leveled and free of any gaming scripts. We also only sell unverified League of Legends Accounts, that way you can rest assured the account will be yours permanently. To back these claims, we offer all our customers a complimentary warranty.

How do I buy a League Account?

The processes is quite simple, first browse our selection and use the filters to find the package you want. Next click on the package you want to buy and see all the champions and skins that are on it. Once you have found the account you’d like, click the “Buy Now” button. Pay for the lol account you chose and then check your e-mail for the login information! The whole processes will take you less than 5 minutes.

What is the difference between the fresh MMR and the Unranked Accounts?

The fresh MMR accounts are lol accounts which have played 0 ranked matches, ever. While the unranked accounts may have been ranked in previous seasons but are currently unranked for season 8. For example, an unranked account may have been bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond or above in season 5 while a fresh MMR account has never been ranked or had any matches played in any of the seasons.

About League of Legends Accounts

League of Legends accounts are purchased by many customers and for several reasons. Here are some questions that should help you decide if a lol account is for you.

Is a League of Legends Account right for me?

• Are you too busy to level your own account?

Many people work busy jobs or simply don’t have the patience to level an account themselves. If you find your self in this situation, then the best option for you is to buy a lol account.

• Have you been banned for being naughty?

There’s no shame in it, we’ve all been there. Flamed one too many times. Experimented with a script. Or simply been reported too many times. Regardless of the reason, it’s not worth the time to spend on leveling a new account from scratch. Just buy a league account and get back into the action!

• Do you need to practice a new role or champion?

Some of us just want to try out a new champion or role but don’t want to play normal matches, no one takes it seriously enough. If you’re looking for the adrenaline-rush game mode without the nerve racking stress of worrying about losing out on your hard-earned MMR, then buy an unranked league of legends account from us and practice in ranked matches your new moves!

• Do you want a rare skin?

Since LoL stopped issuing skin codes and discontinued all old skin codes, the only way to get a rare skin like PAX Jax or Black Alistar is if you buy an account that has it. We always make sure to have accounts with rare skins in our shop, just click on the skin you want in the filters and find an account that matches your needs perfectly.

• Do you have friends that are lower tiers?

Ever since League made it impossible to play with someone who’s too many tiers below you in ranked, you can find yourself in the frustrating situation of being limited to normal-only queue type matches. The way to bypass this is through buying a league of legends unranked account. The unranked accounts allow you to play with others without that limitation.

Even if you didn’t answer yes to the above questions, these are just some of the reasons that someone might want to buy a league of legends account, but there are countless reasons to buy a league account. So if you decide that an account is for you, just know that SneakySmurfs has got you back!