Total: 120 Reviews
Average rating: 4.68

Out of all the accounts I bought, This is probably the best website I've bought accounts from. Reasonable prices, not even a chance you can get banned from buying an account from them, and if you do, you can get another one. Also one of the best Customer supports.

Yafet Gebreselassie (08.10.2018 14:03)

Super friendly customer support, help me found the account that I need, 5 Star service!

zjc (11.08.2018 18:42)

awesome help from john good work man !

nick (10.08.2018 02:17)

Seriously great customer service. Messaged them on fb and got great one on one support and answers to all my questions. I wont say his name, but the guy who helped me out was very personable and friendly. I got my account info instantly and have been playing all day with zero issues. Was able to connect my own email and basically ensure that the account stays mine! 100% would buy again.

Brian Best (08.08.2018 09:00)

They were super nice and really helpful! Thanks very much for the help and the account! Recommended to buy from here!

McQueen (02.08.2018 01:12)

I completely loved using it.

deeznuts4545 (05.07.2018 03:39)

I bought 3 accounts on this website. 2 were never banned in months/years and. the last one got banned because I climbed too fast. However, they refunded me after I created a log for assistance.
Definitely would recommend using this website instead of bot leveling that is easily detected by rito. This is hand leveled which prevent bans from riot.

Gabriel (20.06.2018 02:06)

Easy to purchase and instant. My account credentials didn't work so I emailed support. kind of slow but it all worked out in the end! (Hence the 4 stars),

Rylee (29.05.2018 20:39)

Currently waiting for my support ticket to be answered regarding my login info was incorrect. I will wait and hope I get this sorted out ASAP. Have used this in the past but I am disappointed cause I didn't get to grind today :(

Rylee (26.05.2018 03:06)

Was some problems with my account but a good support helped me out and now everything is fine. Good service. Little slow respond time tough. (that explain the 4star)

Sebastian (15.05.2018 10:26)

instant delivery, and instant customer service response :)

deizelqq (21.04.2018 20:02)

Fast and easy

Khoi Le (20.04.2018 15:09)

Work really easy, got account instant and everyrhing worked :) !

Emil (20.04.2018 09:27)

Got what I paid for, and that's just what I wanted.

Caernarvon (19.04.2018 05:41)

Got the account after 1 min after i purchased and got exactly what i wanted. really fast and really recommend to buy from here.

Mosquito (13.03.2018 18:26)