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Average rating: 4.76

Good support very usefull
thanks jamie

Kim Andresson (03.01.2017 14:32)

instant delivery. very easy

POY (08.10.2016 17:50)

Great site. Fast and easy

Dante (08.10.2016 04:26)

Very good delivery system. Immediately received my account :) with a Victorious Janna skin and a few others. Trustworthy thus far. If I notice anything wrong I'll let you know!

Downside though was the personal customer service. Would've been nice to receieve a thank you mail or something similar =)

Christopher (28.09.2016 12:46)

Very good service delivery took a few hours due to technical issues but the team were very professional in that they kept me informed about what was being done and when it was going to be done by. I bought a special offer account and I was not disappointed at all. Amazing service. Highly recommended.

Mo (25.09.2016 17:27)

Didnt recieve the account instantly, wrote a message in the live chat and got a response within 30 sconds. Sent me the account details for the account I purchased straight away, brilliant service!

Jon (20.09.2016 19:38)

Great customer support! really nice guys

Hadi (20.09.2016 18:32)

Super happy about my purchase. fast delivery and cheap prices!

Oliver (17.09.2016 18:34)

Great support and fast service!!

Leonim (17.09.2016 17:03)

I was happy to have received my account so fast, however my account that I purchased has been places in low priority queue for "negative attitude/AFK". I do not know how this will effect me in the future and I hope to get this problem fixed.

Damon (07.09.2016 14:56)

Some times during our levelling process our service loses connection causing some accounts to leave the game and that is why the get the \"Low priority queue\" After playing a few games this will be removed. sorry for any inconvenience .

After i bought the account i refreshed my emails and I received the account username and password and instructions on how to change the details to my own, very smooth and easy process.

Tyson (07.09.2016 14:54)

Had terrible luck buying from other sites, and I was worried this site might be the same after I received an account with a password that wasn't working. Within 2 minutes I received an email from customer support with new account information solving the problem for me.

Justin (07.09.2016 14:54)

Great customer support, fair prices, fast service.

johnson (07.09.2016 14:53)

To be honest, fastest service ever.

Abdullah (07.09.2016 14:52)

Would recommend to anyone looking to obtain a smurf. Quick. Inexpensive. Quality.

Adam (07.09.2016 14:51)