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I bought 3 accounts on this website. 2 were never banned in months/years and. the last one got banned because I climbed too fast. However, they refunded me after I created a log for assistance.
Definitely would recommend using this website instead of bot leveling that is easily detected by rito. This is hand leveled which prevent bans from riot.

Gabriel (20.06.2018 02:06)

Was some problems with my account but a good support helped me out and now everything is fine. Good service. Little slow respond time tough. (that explain the 4star)

Sebastian (15.05.2018 10:26)

instant delivery, and instant customer service response :)

deizelqq (21.04.2018 20:02)

Fast and easy

Khoi Le (20.04.2018 15:09)

Work really easy, got account instant and everyrhing worked :) !

Emil (20.04.2018 09:27)

Got what I paid for, and that's just what I wanted.

Caernarvon (19.04.2018 05:41)

Got the account after 1 min after i purchased and got exactly what i wanted. really fast and really recommend to buy from here.

Mosquito (13.03.2018 18:26)


lol (04.03.2018 23:11)

Very fast and trusted website. Only completcated thing is the user and pass at the beginning. I had to keep trying till I got it correct because there was a ' and a "Space" between it and it confused me. 9/10

Blake (02.03.2018 22:50)

Bought the account and everything was perfect. However, the website doesn't say that it gets delivered to your PayPal email address, (I dont have access to this email anymore so I couldn't receive my acc instantly) However, i contacted support and they verified my purchase and sent my account details manually to my new email within a few hours. So all good in the end :)

Jareko (26.02.2018 13:02)

Great service, Really cheap prices too. Would reccommend as a fast instant account recieval Site :D

Dravenmainhehexd (25.01.2018 19:17)

Fast and amazing, I will buy again

Varga Christian (25.01.2018 17:17)

Amazing service. Responded insanely fast and the price/value ratio is much better than from competitors. Would recommend

Christoph (24.01.2018 16:42)

Great price, Great support, instant account information. Definitely recommended.

Christoffer (20.01.2018 16:53)

best prices, best time. Love it. <3333

Steffen Vedvik (17.01.2018 15:08)