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They responded quick, they have great service and satisfied my needs and helped me find exactly what I wanted. Would recommend them to anyone and will come here whenever I need a new account. 5/5

Paul (21.04.2017 01:31)

Friendly and helpful service!

theodor (20.04.2017 09:16)

I was nervous because it was the first time I was buying an smurf, but John talked very friendly and explained me everything, and even in Spanish! Right after I paid, got an email and the account was mine!

Also I really liked that you can see the champs, skins and everything that the account has.

Would recommend, thank you!

William (19.04.2017 22:28)

Very friendly support and super fast as well!!
I;ve met this guy called John and boy did he help me a lot!! :)
Very friendly guy and if you guys have any doubts talk to the live chat and talk with them.
They are very honest and fair!!

thank you once again John <3

Kahou (19.04.2017 19:04)

Good services and super friendly

Damian (19.04.2017 12:58)

Very quick service!!
I was not sure if there were any legit LoL website to buy an account.
Make sure to speak to someone from the Live chat to make sure about your purchase if you have any doubts.
I spoke to this guy named Jamie, very helpful and a nice guy.
The process is fair and fast!

K.Chou (19.04.2017 08:23)

Awesome customer service and IMMEDIATELY got my account! Definitely worth.

Faith Chu (18.04.2017 16:08)

Came to the website, because my current account had been banned (thought i bought it here), messaged on the live chat to ask about my account and I was blessed to be greeted by a man named John. He made sure I was on track and found out it was the wrong website that I was on.

Ian (14.04.2017 16:16)

Not only did he persuade me with his succulent typing to buy an account, he compensated 10 for the mistake on my original reason of being banned (curse you unrankedsmurfs) not only am I happy I stumbled upon this site, I made a friend and a new account. Thank you very much.

Ian (14.04.2017 16:15)

I had a great experience ordering and receiving my account. I very much appreciate the customer service. The representative I spoke with was incredibly helpful and he answered every single one of my questions quickly and efficiently.

Haisten (14.04.2017 14:55)

Account appeared very quickly as well as a chat representative answered every question I may have had about the account as well as its origins. I can rest easy knowing that I am purchasing an actual hand leveled account!

Tyler (14.04.2017 03:41)

Amazing service and immediate delivery of my account, definitely recommended!

Luis Salinas (13.04.2017 17:50)

This is the best site to buy a league account i bought one for just 38 dollars! and it had alot of RP and IP and lots of champions. :D 10/10

YAY (12.04.2017 20:54)

Kind interface, friendly support staff and most importantly, extremely reliable. My first but not my last buy, will recommend this website to friends if they ever need a quick smurf or a few rare skins.

Ahmed (12.04.2017 19:42)

Best smurf website! Live chat helped a lot, you get exactly what you buy and I never got banned after 2 yrs!

Antoine Goo (11.04.2017 20:56)