Total: 73 Reviews
Average rating: 4.75

At first i had some problems receiving the Account, but I contacted the SneakySmurfs Support and they helped me out really quick and on top they were really nice to me.

Maksym (28.05.2017 01:06)

Just got ufo corki. Not sure if im getting banned though ... we will see.

Jonny (26.05.2017 20:18)

Technical difficulty resulted in two of us purchasing the same package at the same time, but John worked us through to a positive resolution. Fast delivery on the account, and even faster support. If you have any hesitations about buying an account from here, drop them and just order!

Wizard (23.05.2017 03:37)

I was looking for a lvl30 with a retired skin, found it here at a great price. Instant Delivery, very smooth process. 10/10

josh (20.05.2017 15:36)

Very fast, dont know how the customer support is because luckily I did not need it but the account was there in under two minutes,very nice. Would recommend.

Robin Anonymus (12.05.2017 13:50)

I was really surprised at how great the customer service was. 10/10. This place is trustworthy as fuck.

Great service (11.05.2017 19:44)

was kinda iffy on buying an account but i bought it and within 5 minutes had my email. very trustworthy!

troy wagner (29.04.2017 01:18)

They responded quick, they have great service and satisfied my needs and helped me find exactly what I wanted. Would recommend them to anyone and will come here whenever I need a new account. 5/5

Paul (21.04.2017 01:31)

Friendly and helpful service!

theodor (20.04.2017 09:16)

I was nervous because it was the first time I was buying an smurf, but John talked very friendly and explained me everything, and even in Spanish! Right after I paid, got an email and the account was mine!

Also I really liked that you can see the champs, skins and everything that the account has.

Would recommend, thank you!

William (19.04.2017 22:28)

Very friendly support and super fast as well!!
I;ve met this guy called John and boy did he help me a lot!! :)
Very friendly guy and if you guys have any doubts talk to the live chat and talk with them.
They are very honest and fair!!

thank you once again John <3

Kahou (19.04.2017 19:04)

Good services and super friendly

Damian (19.04.2017 12:58)

Very quick service!!
I was not sure if there were any legit LoL website to buy an account.
Make sure to speak to someone from the Live chat to make sure about your purchase if you have any doubts.
I spoke to this guy named Jamie, very helpful and a nice guy.
The process is fair and fast!

K.Chou (19.04.2017 08:23)

Awesome customer service and IMMEDIATELY got my account! Definitely worth.

Faith Chu (18.04.2017 16:08)

Came to the website, because my current account had been banned (thought i bought it here), messaged on the live chat to ask about my account and I was blessed to be greeted by a man named John. He made sure I was on track and found out it was the wrong website that I was on.

Ian (14.04.2017 16:16)