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lol (04.03.2018 23:11)

Bought the account and everything was perfect. However, the website doesn't say that it gets delivered to your PayPal email address, (I dont have access to this email anymore so I couldn't receive my acc instantly) However, i contacted support and they verified my purchase and sent my account details manually to my new email within a few hours. So all good in the end :)

Jareko (26.02.2018 13:02)

Great service, Really cheap prices too. Would reccommend as a fast instant account recieval Site :D

Dravenmainhehexd (25.01.2018 19:17)

Fast and amazing, I will buy again

Varga Christian (25.01.2018 17:17)

Amazing service. Responded insanely fast and the price/value ratio is much better than from competitors. Would recommend

Christoph (24.01.2018 16:42)

Great price, Great support, instant account information. Definitely recommended.

Christoffer (20.01.2018 16:53)

best prices, best time. Love it. <3333

Steffen Vedvik (17.01.2018 15:08)

Not going to lie, thought it was going to be a scam but instantly got the details and it works! :)

A. (04.01.2018 21:12)

Cheap and took less than 10 seconds, and had everything it said it had. Well Done.

Logan (29.12.2017 11:55)

pretty good :D

paraskoslev (07.11.2017 14:42)

Very good website, bought 2 accounts from here both legit very fast more or less in your account after u have paid, very gud would recommend

Callum (04.11.2017 17:31)

i was banned unjustly for someone threatening to leave rank game. i got banned for saying " GO AHEAD AND LEAVE ***" That phrase got me banned with over 1000$ in skins, ok maybe exaggerated but it was close. These guys delivered my account in less then 3 mins. I was expecting all day. IT WAS LESSS THEN 3 MINS! THANK YOU GUYYSSS! THAT IS A+++++++++++++++++++++++

HAPPY (01.11.2017 19:36)

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I didnt get my account in the time frame that I was expecting it to come. So I went to the online chat and they instantly helped me out. Good overall.

Adrian Munoz (16.10.2017 02:59)

Incredible smurf purchasing website, never had an issue. have purchased from these people about 6-7 times and the delivery is always instant and customer service/support is incredible. The best smurf purchasing environment compared to all other surpassed websites.

michael (15.10.2017 23:59)

Was able to get the 4 main champions I wanted for the same price and 4 skins for 32$. I was permabanned over a year ago and decided to jump back in. Put a dispute in to riot again but don't expect much of a response. Received my fresh new account within minutes with detailed instructions. Would highly recommend well worth the money.

Eternal (04.10.2017 22:50)