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A while ago everything was perfect. I got accounts quickly, and for good prices. However, now the cheapest account for the past few weeks is $77. The support chat doesn't work, and the link for "" doesn't exist. This website is either being neglected or they just became greedy fucks who don't care about the customer.

Ben (18.08.2017 17:35)

Hi Ben, we have re-stocked both EUW and NA regions for low-end accounts (in the 20-30 USD range). These accounts sell quickly which is why some times we only have the higher end accounts (50+ USD) available. We try our best to meet the demands of our customers. For the support portal, does indeed work. Many thanks

If their support will allow me to send a ticket instead of giving me an error id give them 5/5 but since i cant even contact support because one account was detected by riot its not looking very good

Elliot (10.08.2017 14:38)

Hi Elliot, thanks for the review. Sorry you had issues accessing our support portal. please go to and log a ticket.

I've bought multiple accounts on SneakySmurfs,
And i did not have any problems so far.
One of my account got detected my riot. and their support is great.
they instantly helped me with the problem!
If you want/need a smurf. its totally worth your money.

Damian (21.07.2017 13:33)

Fast delivery, no problems. Thankyouuu ^.^

Nikki (19.07.2017 11:55)

well fast man *thumbs up emoji* *not in a sarcastic way*

jade doe (15.07.2017 18:34)

well, even tho most of the reviews here are fake...lmao...the site is legit I actually got my account fine and been playing in it so far....

Worst Aids (15.07.2017 15:10)

Thank you for the review! Our reviews are not fake. Just like your review right now.. :)

i try to recieve my second account from this website. first one was there in 5min.
now it takes like already more than 8 hours. sended a support ticket hope someone will look at it soon.

mart (14.07.2017 21:12)

Hi Mart, Thanks for the review, sorry for the delay in receiving your second account. You should have received it by now, if you need any more help, please create a support ticket :)

brought it, got it instantly. Great service

ogpimp (10.07.2017 18:54)

Although there were some technical difficulties, John was prompt to help me out and give me the account info. The accounts are legitimate as well! 10/10!

Tom T (10.07.2017 17:33)

I am actually amazed at the quality of the service you guy offered me. Thanks a lot!

Patrick (03.07.2017 19:49)

Legit handcrafted accounts. Gives what you want & pretty cheap!

Jordi DV (01.07.2017 13:22)

At first i had some problems receiving the Account, but I contacted the SneakySmurfs Support and they helped me out really quick and on top they were really nice to me.

Maksym (28.05.2017 01:06)

Just got ufo corki. Not sure if im getting banned though ... we will see.

Jonny (26.05.2017 20:18)

Technical difficulty resulted in two of us purchasing the same package at the same time, but John worked us through to a positive resolution. Fast delivery on the account, and even faster support. If you have any hesitations about buying an account from here, drop them and just order!

Wizard (23.05.2017 03:37)

I bought a lol account from this website and that although the transaction went well, the account got banned shortly after a few weeks. If any of you want to buy an account, DON"T!!!! Listen to me, if you are upset that you cannot climb, just improve as a player from lol coaching and twitch streamers like imls. My point is do not mess up like I did.

Taha (22.05.2017 17:39)

Hi Taha, Thanks for the review. Sorry to hear your account was banned, depending on the region and when you bought it, you may be eligible for a replacement account under our warranty. Please submit a support ticket and we can see if we can help you!