Midnight Ahri

Dynasty Ahri Skin Preview

Midnight Ahri
  • Skin: Midnight Ahri
  • Champion: Ahri
  • Price:  750 RP
  • Release Date: December 14, 2011
  • Availability: Available
  • Rarity Scale: 1

Midnight Ahri is a skin which belongs to the champion Ahri. In this skin we see Ahri wearing a dark fur looking coat crouched with her famous fox tails cast in a darker lighting with her orb above her head. Midnight Ahri was released the same day as the champion and other skin were released (Dynasty Ahri) and costs only 750 RP, which is 225 RP cheaper than the other one. What this skin lacks in price does not correlate to its quality. In addition to being cheaper, users had nothing but positive things to say about it. Furthermore, this skin seems to show a more winter-like look for Ahri which is a cool unique feature that none of the other Ahri skins offer.

This skin is also a scale 1 skin which means that it’s currently available in the store and will most likely continue to be available indefinitely, therefore there’s no need to rush and buy it if you are stuck between choosing this skin or another one which may be going out of the store soon. The above images as well as the Skin Spotlight video below are there to help you decide on whether or not Midnight Ahri is the skin for you.